Ooh, me plums...

Hi all, just moved into a house with 2 plum trees (one biiiig, one a lot smaller). Lots of developing fruits on each. Some have brown markings on the skin, should I be removing these ones so the energy can go into the unblemished ones? Or should I just leave them? 



And should I be doing anything else at this stage (other than researching plum recipes image). Any way of me being able to identify the actual type of plum (and with the 2 trees being such different sizes, are they likely to be different types?) Biiig one is centre of pic, smaller one is one of the 2 on the right (the other is an apple tree) , and for those who've read my "raspberries?" thread, they are on the fence between the 2 smaller trees.....




  • nice plums. can't comment anymore dont know much about them.

  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

     Depends on the size of the crop as to if you should remove the ones with the blemish, the tree way well abort some of the fruit anyway, too much fruit can spoil the rest of the crop.

    Wasps will be at them as soon as they start to get ripe,so be careful when picking.

    Take a look here for advice http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Grow-Your-Own/Advice/fruit-videos     or buy 'The Fruit Expert' by Dr Hessayon, less then £10.

    You will have to wait for the fruit to try identify what it is.

    Unless you have a big ladder the big tree could be reduced a lot in height to make it easier for picking.

    I have been watering my Plum Trees every day since the rain stopped.

  • Going off topic but..

    talking of wasps Netherfield, has anyone seen any this year? Bee's hundreads of them, butterflies a few. Wasps seen so far this year zero.

    also seen my first ladybird today on the apple tree. I was so tempted to catch it and put it the greenhouse, I hoping to see loads of these. 

  • CheerybethCheerybeth Posts: 18

    Found a dead wasp today. Read an article this week that said wasp numbers are right down this year due to the weather we what'd this year and last. 

    No advice about plums - mine are very hit and miss each year, but nothing tastes like homegrown!

  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    Two wasps nests so far one dealt with one to deal with,both close to the fruit trees,although as you say there doesn't seem to be as many about this year.

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