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Talkback: Birds in winter

"Recent spate of mild winters " not in north Northumberland im affraid ! Amazing how these little chaps make it through these winter nights.


  • I feed the birds , as in hang out peanuts and fat balls , and chase the cats but.... there was a big RAT feeding yesterday !! I feel like removing all my feeders , what else can I do ?
  • And it is jolly chilly here at the moment
  • Its deinately winter here, have 2 Robins in the garden regularly and feed the family of 4 squirrels all year...
  • Our garden is full of birds at the moment. We have had a most interesting visitor a strange male blackbird with what looks like a white painted collar around his neck. I believe it is Leucism. Has anyone else seen one like this? He is very tame following us around with no fear.
  • I had a sighting of a Goldcrest in my urban garden last week for the first time in 27 years of living here. It was foraging at the patio door where seeds and other goodies are left out for the birds. Didn't realise how tiny they are. I have lots of trees and shrubs which offer shelter which probably helped attract it into the garden. This year I have had the usual visitors - blackbirds, loads of all kinds of tits, very few sparrows, chaffinchs, robin, wren and of course a couple of those dratted magpies. Re the blackbird with the white collar, I had a brood of piebald blackbirds which hatched a few years back. Didnt see them later in the year and assume they either moulted into plain black or moved away.
  • I have a robin that flies into my back porch when i let my dog out before work in the morning. I watched him and he tucks into some apples i have stored. I have added some corn and peanuts he tucks in every morning !!!
  • came back from our saturday morning walk to find our cat had brought us a present a FIRECREST he unfortunatley died! the bird not the cat!although i threatened thomas the same fate if he did it again .i'v never seen one in the garden before they are so beatiful.last summer we had a blackbird that would wait till we fed our pond fish and swoop in to eat the pellets he could reach.
  • I live in north/east london/essex borders and saw a goldcrest at 4pm on saturday 10 Jan. Never seen one before. Eating buds off trees. What a stunner.
  • This is the second year we have seen a goldcrest in our garden ,always exciting to see. Acouple of weeks ago had 20 long tailed tits flitting in and out of the shrubs. Here in Bristol it has been freezing, but still plenty of birds.
  • I live on the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire my garden is surrounded by tall trees, and rooks nest in the beech trees leaving their nests in the morning and returning at night, I have many bird tables dotted around full of nuts, fat balls, seeds etc etc and rarely have birds feeding off them, I need to know why?? please help
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