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can you help

just had garden area revamped and a 16ft raised bed on one side am going to plant standard hollies just wonder how many and how far apart



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  • Stop it stop it i like it

  • thank you 

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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    It really depends on how big they are and if you're going to keep them trimmed. If you're unsure buy too few and see how they look by placing them on the bed and standing back. It's better to buy too few than too many. You can always buy another.

  • well i thought i was being clever buy ordering 4 golden king standards but then realised they are female and i need a male so have ordered one blue prince standard so just wondered what spacing should be 

  • think i will use 2 golden king and blue prince in middle and will use others elsewhere will sent pic when planted thanks for help

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