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Some materials advice please

Good morning, I've done a design for a friends garden, and would like some tips as to which materials I should use. The paths are going to be stone stone chippings, with a brick edge (I've match the bricks with their walls). I want some chippings which aren't too showy or contemporary. The garden is for a Georgian walled garden with plenty of right angles, cordon'd fruit trees and box hedging. Would washed pea shingle work? Also, we're going to put in a rose arch, does anyone have any tips as to what material/brand is best? There's a huuuuuge variety of price online so I could do with some pointers.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    10mm pea shingle should be fine Sam, I don't think the golden shingle would suit it's too bright. As for the arch it depends on how big the rose is going to be. You have to match sturdiness with the weight of the rose. Bigger the rose stronger it has to be. As you're going for shingle I'd maybe look for something in metal not wood. Budget is up to your friends but the metal ones will outlive the wood and again the stronger they are the more expensive they'll be.

  • Thanks image. Pea shingle is nice and cheap too so that's a relief
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