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Fence paint options, algae removal?

now as you can see i have some green slime building up along the fence.

But I do not want to paint the whole fence and i am unsure what paint was used (guessing the colour etc)



should i try and match the colour and just paint the green bits, scrub down 1st


should i maybe paint another colour, a dark brown to match some other stuff i have but only paint the posts, but would mean all the posts attached around the back door etc et. so each post going down and along be a darker brown.  but leave the other side of fence as is  (in the street)

welcoming ideas  image








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    I've used this stuff with a spray on paths and fences. Takes a week or two but works a treat on removing green build up. 

  • problem is if i remove it expect the paint to be faded below, would still need to stain it

     ive used that stuff before on brick, works well, but i can just scrub off and repaint for wood

  • nah im renting, not doing the lot, done enough in the garden as it is



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  • It looks just like mine and I use cuprinol ducks back in autumn brown.

  • thanks, ill clean in spring and then maybe try the cuprinol


    was very temped on another colour but fiddly and if would look ok


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    I used Algon on my fence and it worked a treat (took a few weeks to take effect), no scrubbing required. It left whitish patches where the worst of the algae had been, but that's far better than green slime, as far as I'm concerned. Anyhow, I suspect anything that killed off the algae would have left patches.

  • We had the same problem with just one of the panels, that hardly sees the sun as it's right under a tall apple tree.  Last June, during a very dry period, I used the sturdiest scrubbing brush I have and scrubbed off the whole thing, on both sides.  I then painted it (cuprinol).  My right hand is still aching!

  • I spent weeks last summer painting my garden fences with Cuprinol ducksback 5 year gaurantee water repellent..... I feel so disheartened what a waste of my time and energy it's now covered in green algae ! It was a lovely Silver copse grey colour now looks horrible. 

    Today I have been out to try hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush to get this off which is quite difficult to shift and scrubs the colour off which is supposed to be water repellent by the way ?

     any suggestions please it looks awful thanks in advance.imageimage

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