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clematis die-back?


I have had a Clematis Montana 'Warwickshire Rose' planted in a pot which for the last year or so has thrived, and produced abundant flowers through the summer. As we move into winter, the leaves on part of the plant are shrivelling and black, although the stems are still green when scraped back a little. I had assumed that the plant was simply losing its leaves in the winter, but I now realise that the other main stems are not showing this condition, and are retaining their leaves.


I have seen references to 'sudden clematis die-back' and am now wondering whether this is the cause.


It is on a south facing wall, southern UK, and has been fed regularly throughout the season. As a non-expert, any advice plse on this condition and action required would be appreciated.



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Montana's are deciduous, they lose their leaves in winter so I wouldn't worry in the least. Mind you being in a pot long term isn't advisable. They like a cool deep root run and their eventual size usually means they're unsuitable for growing in pots. The weather won't help, most are bare right now and many plants have leaf growth which shouldn't be there. Clematis wilt is usually present in spring and summer so it would be out of the ordinary to see signs of it now.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,870

    Hi bridleway and welcome. 

    Clematis Montana is almost immune to Clematis die back. It's the larger flowered hybrids which succumb. As others have said, they don't like being in pots. I think that's the trouble.

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