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Lilies sprouting in December

Hi, everyone!

I'm new to this forum but have been gardening for years. I have a 50cm tub of Asiatic and Oriental bulbs. They put on a great show this year and died down as normal in the autumn. I moved the pot to a sheltered part of the garden expecting no action until spring but this morning I noticed lily foliage sprouting from the compost. 

The lilies did produce a lot of bulbils on the stem this summer and I removed them. Do you think it's just a couple of stray bulbils sprouting or have the main bulbs gone a bit loopy!

I have the same mix of lilies in one of the beds and there's no sign of re-sprouting there.





  • Thanks Runnybeak. Had a poke around and it is a couple of the little baby bulbs. I don't need them so I just picked them out. image


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