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My Passion Flower is wilting... Help!



  • My passion flower climber growing perfectly well till 3 days ago has started wilting. Did anyone discover what the root cause was?

  • Laura129Laura129 Posts: 1

    I am simply guessing, but I think it is very like clematis wilt,and since we have had hot humid weather followed by a lot of rain, I think that a fungus has taken hold. I have cut mine down to the ground and hope it will recover. Fingers crossed...

  • ewrampewramp Posts: 2
    I have had the same thing happen.  With the leaves wilting,  look closely at the vine between healthy and wilted,  see if it is bent, pinched, or hindered in any way. Cut back at that point.  With the thin,  yellow leaves mine the drain holes of the planters were clogged up.  I cut it back almost all the way and put it into a large pot with my other one.  All the roots were in good shape thankfully.  They all have new growth since. Good luck! 
  • ewrampewramp Posts: 2
    I water mine almost too much when I was in TX,  even with high humidity, it was in direct sunlight and grew wonderfully 
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