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My Passion Flower is wilting... Help!



  • The flowers on my Passion flower did not form properly this year. I have cut it down and dug it up and potted it and new healthy shoots are growing again . Aim to try it in another position next year


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657
    hi i had the same prob so i took cuttings as best i could, and they are all ok so the problem didn't carry on, at the same time as they grew i fed the cuttings half with Baby bio and half with 50/1 Nettle tea ( the dry way ) just to see which was the better for me, bio ok no probs at all, nettle tea plants have loved it and are strong and twice as big , the original plant came back after the cutting and is now ok,
  • TRHTRH Posts: 1

    My Passion flower has had two very good flowering summers and this summer lots of fruit have formed and were turning orange...I've jut been away for a week and come back to find the plant is dying/'s completely wilted and looking very sorry for itself! all my other plants are very well, even my pots, so I don't know what's happened to the Passion flower? 

    I gave it a good water on return and have started to take fruit off to see if that makes a difference, but still looking pretty dead this morning. Is there anything else I can do? Such a shame as it is a big plant now and covering a large area of my garden. 

  • I bought two this year and planted the common one in the ground and the lilac coloured one in a big pot. Funny enough the one in the pot has grown a lot lot more than the one in the ground. And it has formed two fruits as well. It isnt much but for a young plant is not bad. The flowers are stunning but they only last a couple of days.



  • SoolarSoolar Posts: 1

    Can I grow a Passion Flower successfully in a pot?


  • I have had my passionflower for 3 years & this year is the first time that it has bloomed, but with only one flower. Do you think it will bloom better next year?

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Hi Soolar,a few years ago i planted a p/f in a good big heavy terracotta pot about a couple of years later or so it had escaped the bottom of  the pot and went into the worst soil/rubble in the garden and spread over 30 feet on an iron fence it was stunning ,i hardly ever watered it,strange plants Passions and a good pot is the way.

    Ps I had to saw it down when when it became just unmanageable, i have one now and i keep it a reasonable size in a Pot .i really dont know whats wrong with Santys  Good Luck, image

  • Experiencing the same problem exactly. Pot planted in same position and at same time as my grape  but seems to retain more water. Will have a root around the pot for weevils and post results. Cheers

  • We have had some cold nights past few days - could just be going into winter mode and will pop up again next year?

  • Exactly the same here.  Two plants side by side in pots.  Both have been treated the same and flowered well then suddenly one has wilted. I have not yet checked for weevils but I have cut it right back so will see if it survives.

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