Help!! Acer!?

manno79manno79 Posts: 1

Help me Please! I bought an Acer last yr, planted it, was healthy, planted in normal multi purpose compost, watered it, and then after a while the leaves all went brown. throught he winter it had no leaves at all, then early spring it came back to life! Needless to say within 4wks all leaves gone again.


then read it should be in ericaneous (sp?) soil so i got bouught another acer for my brithday, bougth the above soil, planted both, the original one has done nothing, and the new one has done exactly the same, all leaves going brown, and will now start to fall off. I've had it on my porch out of the's a west facing wall, i have no idea but i'm gutted! can anyone help me!?

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