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braeburn apple tree

katdkatd Posts: 10

i planted a 2yr old braeburn apple tree in a 52 ltre pot in february this year. i would like to know if it is a spur or tip bearer. and when should i prune it.image


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

     Braeburn are spur bearers. You will need another, compatible, tree nearby to pollinate it as they are not self fertile. As it is still young you will still be forming it into a bush shape with 3 or 4 main branches that are evenly spaced and wide angled to the main stem. Wide angles are stronger than narrow ones. In winter when the tree is dormant you can shorten the chosen 3 or 4 main branches by about a half. Any others you can shorten by 2 thirds. Cut them to an outward facing bud. Remove any straggly branches that are crossing the centre of the bush as they will cause problems in the future.  Prune in the same way until the plant has had four winters. Then come back to us for more info! Good luckimage

  • katdkatd Posts: 10

    thankyou for your help.there must be another tree nearby as mine has fruit on it.image

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