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Talkback: Weed of the year 2008

Well I'm new to allotmenteering this year and I'm loving it. The weeds were 5 feet high when we took over the plot in July, but we've managed to clear most of them now. The worst were probably the bindweed with their brittle white roots which break at the slightest provocation. I've also got a small clover-like weed which seems to cling to the asparagus crowns. It has a reddish coloured leaf and is difficult to remove without digging up the asparagus as well. Any ideas? Also, am I the first person in the world to confuse asparagus roots with bindweed roots? I did find them difficult to tell apart at first but I'm learning.


  • i am having trouble with my asparagus. any tips?
  • maybe your seeds just arent growing properly. i had a mutant seed last year that sprouted 18 asparagus!
  • no way! me too! were did you get yours from?
  • me too! SANP! oh my god I had such a good harvest that year!
  • that was meant to say SNAP not SANP!
  • mine would be morning glory, rampaging climber that is impossible to eradicate as the tiniest root left in the soil becomes another plant. it cleverly uses tunnels dug by voles or moles and it's slowly doing my head in. especially cos i'm on top of it, but neighbouring plotters aren' garden was covered in bittercress too, but i kinda like it and i found it's edible and tastes like radish, so i sometimes nibble on them while removing them ;-)this year a new weed has cropped up all over the plot, i have no idea what it is, but it has soe tough little roots
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