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Talkback: Top lawn care tips

minaqueminaque Posts: 1
You recommend water lawns evening,Rowlawn recommend watering only on a morning which is correct


  • How do I deal with dog wee patches?
  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Unless they are new lawns, they don't need watering morning or evening.  As soon as the rain comes the lawn will quickly recover and not having to mow in this hot weather is a bonus, surely?

  • Is there any hope for a lawn infested by Chafer Grubs?
  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Lewin, nematodes. Buy off amazon or the garden centre.

    John Herbert, watch where the dog wees and then  water the patch with a watering can, keep then dog well watered overnight, concentrated urine first thing in the morning is worst, or train the dog to wee in one place.

    Repairing the lawn is easy, just rake the affected spots and reseed.

  • Apparently its the female dogs urine which is most potent for lawns and causes scorching.

    I read somewhere that adding tomato sauce to your dogs food helps to neutralize the chemical that destroys the grass.
  • I have been giving our dog slices of tomatoes for a number of years now and it certainly has reduced the number of scorches though she doesn't get them every day and maybe that is the reason the problem hasn't gone completely. I did notice this spring, when the grass started to grow, that scorches appeared more frequently and wonder if there is some chemical that the grass produces during growth that reacts with the urine. Any ideas?  I like the tomato sauce idea and will give that a try.

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