Not what i expected

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Good morning all on this fine day! I went out in the garden yesterday and noticed that what I thought (hoped) was a Knautia (grown from seed collected by a friend) had infact opened to reveal this. Maybe a weed seedl;ing in the compost? I did have three of them but rabbits ate the other two when i left them out one night! image not quite sure what it is?







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    White campion - love it image  I found some growing n this garden when we moved here and have nurtured it - it's grown and put on a marvellous display this year - the moths love it in the evening - mine's in a shady spot on a bank under an ash tree, and it sort of glows in the evening twilight.  Apparently it's a great favourite of hawk moths. image

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    Someone sent me some seeds of this in the seed swap thread, they are all flowering now and look lovely, i will make sure i dead head regular as i think it will take over next year if its anything like the red /deep pink version.

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    I had some from the seed swap as well. Will remember to dead head most and leave afew flowers to spread

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