I bought a Hellebore.......about this time last year I think.  I kept it in a pot until it had finished flowering and then planted in the garden in the same area as my other hellebores.  I remember vaguely wondering at the time whether it was a wee bit deep as I get a lot of leaf litter in that spot but I was in a hurry .....the leaves were above the surface and so I left it as it was.

I cut some of the old leaves back a couple of weeks ago as I thought I could see a new leaf and flower bud emerging. As most of my others are showing new buds, I poked about at this one today because it didn't seem to be doing very much.  The newest leaf came away in my hand but the 3 older leaves are still going strong.  There is no sign of vine weevil grubs  having chewed the new stem but obviously until I dig the whole thing up, I can't be certain.

Is it possible that I just planted too deeply and it is struggling to put on any new growth ?  Seems a bit unlikely to me but I've only really being growing these plants for the last 3 years.  All the others are fine, even those in close proximity to this individual.

I rather think I am going to have to dig it up, look at it and replant elsewhere  but any hints would be very welcome.image  


  • OK Verdun.........thanks...........no fiddling or poking about then......I'll leave well aloneimage

  • I planted my bought Hellebores in a jardiniere early in January where they dropped their seed.  Late in autumn, I discovered I had new plants!  Unfortunately I can't lift them out without lifting the rest of the plants.image

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