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A Bog Garden on the edge?

I have planting ledges in my wild life pond. There are various types of small wild life in it. What I had thought was to have, along one edge, a small bog garden. As the pond has hard edging I can not make a beach area. Does anyone know if I could use a couple of plastic window  boxes, with holes in the bottom,  along one of the ledges and plant them up with bog garden plants. If the water came,at the  most half way up the side of the window boxes, would it be (a) too wet and (b) would the roots rot in the boxes.

Has anyone got any ideas? All Ideas much appreciated.


  • FoolioFoolio Posts: 94

    I actually grow plants exactley like this in my pond, put large stones in the bottom use clay soil if you can and plant up!  I have a mixture of plants like this including arum lillies - they all do really well, they feed from the water nitrates and soil - no need to feed infact they can stay like this for years, just pot on when bursting full image

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