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Help. Plant ID in new garden.

RussJRussJ Posts: 18


Hello People,

We have moved to a new house with a rather overgrown garden. We are novice gardeners and with help we have identified most of the plants. Here are a few that are still to be nailed down. Can you help?

Many thanks in advance.







  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,710

    1 skimmia

    2 might be berberis Thun. Atro Nana not too clear from the photo

    3 Weigela

    4 lily of the valley.

  • RussJRussJ Posts: 18

    WOW! Four minutes and a reply. Thank you very much.

    The skimmia is a monster. I have had skimmia before but relatively small plants, minuscule in comparison. I've only pruned them when they got out of shape. Do you know if this giant can be hard pruned? To perhaps half its size. I’m guessing that it will kill it.

    Once again thanks for the reply.

  • RussJRussJ Posts: 18

    @ Hostafan1

    "2 might be berberis Thun. Atro Nana not too clear from the photo"

    Is this better?


  • RussJRussJ Posts: 18


    Thanks for response, The beech hedge (which itself a monster) behind the intimidating skimmia is to be reduced early next month so I'll hold off on the skimmia until spring. Would you be able to tell me by how severely I could hack it back?


  • LesleyKLesleyK Posts: 4,029

    You'll have a nice patch of hellebores under the Berberisimage

  • RussJRussJ Posts: 18

    Magical hellebore heaven in our overgrow patch Lesley.

  • RussJRussJ Posts: 18

    Thanks Verdun.

    The beech is a monster, three metres deep, three metres high and over is seventy metres long. Certain a job for men with better vertebrae than I have!

    I was asking more about how severely I could hack the skimmia back?

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