Raspberry plant Driscolls Maravilla Where to Buy?

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a smallish number of raspberry plants, specifically Driscolls Maravilla? My daughter adores the taste and is mad keen to (try to) grow some. I've googled and found a few large-scale growers, but doubt that they'd be interested in supplying me with a small quantity of plants. Being a lifelong flower/shrub gardener rather than a grower of fruit and veg. I'm not sure how many plants we can fit in per sq. mtr. or the finer points of growing requirements but for now it would be nice just to source the right plants.

Failing that are there any plants anyone would recommend principally for taste? I know Maravilla are Autumn-fruiting plants, but summer/autumn isn't an issue for us. We are in North Bucks.


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    Maravilla is a patented variety so may be restricted to commercial growers. Anyway, here is something to look at



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    The best tasting raspberry is said to be Glen Fyne.  It is widely available. Driscolls are based in California but they are releasing types to the UK market. I would only put three or four canes in a metre squared.

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    I wouldn't buy from T&M you don't know what you will get. You could try Chris Bowersimage
  • Thanks for these replies. I'd heard good reviews about Tulameen which Peter Thomson mentions. She certainly wants to eat raspberries rather than make jam, which is Mum's preserve - no pun intended.

  • Something I should have asked - when I just looked in passing at prices I saw what seemed to be huge differences in price levels, and I wondered whether I was comparing apples with apples (sorry!). For instance 1st page Google threw up Ashridge Trees showing £2.05 for all varieties, Blackmoor £4 to £10+, and RHS £12.99 for everything. I note that I'm advised to plant quite close together as some plants will fail, but could that mean the latter two suppliers give you more than one cane for the price? Again any help appreciated. My experience at Wisley is that the RHS shrubs and perennials are not that much more expensive than other garden centres.

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    I saw plants of Ruby Beauty at Wisley yesterday - it's a small thornless raspberry, so it'd save you space. I don't know about taste, though, as I only got small plants this autumn. (I had bought two from T&M in spring, they died within two weeks, poor things. But they are now available from other sellers and those I got elsewhere are doing very well in pots.)

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