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Fiddle Leaf Fig

TimSTimS Posts: 4


I have a couple of questions about Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. Checked online and seem to get conflicting advice of questionable reliability.

Tree one

...has developed a completely brown leaf within a couple of days of it arriving. One of the big leaves, annoyingly!  Looking closely at it, the brown seems to follow along the veins.

Any ideas?! Could it be some sort of 'burning' from inside from the fertiliser? I haven't put any on myself, but the soil looks like it has sustained release fertiliser granules in it.

I've moved it into the green house, which is south facing, and gets very hot. It seems to have grown a little more green, but the overal tree growth seems stunted. 

Tree two

...seems to be doing much better, having sprouted new leaves at the top and some rhizomes/shoots (not sure of correct terminology!) that are beginning to curl round the edge of the pot.

My question is, how do I develop the rhizomes, so that they ultimately lead to a new tree growing?

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions.



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