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Talkback: The grey squirrel

Isn't nature wonderful!
Last time we were in Dulwich we saw a fox waiting at a red light!
Happy New Year to all gardeners and garden-dwellers!
Kristina =)


  • I have heard a squirrel making a similar noise to this though slightly faster so it sounded like a baby crying at first which is what attracted my attention. It was on my neighbours roof and seemed as though it was looking for a way down and considering whether to jump.
    After a while it climbed back over the ridge and presumaby found a way down on the other side.
  • I've also heard a grey squirrel make this sound - it was in my parent's back garden in Dublin over a year ago. There was some blood on the ground below the branch where the squirrel was perched, so I thought it might be injured. The sound definitely seemed to be that of a scared or injured animal - and was quite different to the repetitive coughing/barking sounds that my squirrels in Cardiff make occasionally. I'd be very interested in any expert's opinion on how to recognise and interpret grey squirrel calls!
  • i love squirrels and everything but recently i have been raided of my bulbs by them. i live near a small wood and they have started coming up into my garden and digging up my bulbs eating the new shoots of them and destroying the bulb on each plant. To me this is very strange behaviour for them, but i was wondering would you have any solutions to keep them away and stop them destroying my bulbs?
  • There are ultrasonic pest repellers available that detect the motion of the squirrel and send a burst of ultrasonic noise that deters them without causing any harm.
  • I love the squirrels antics in
    my garden,but they have not been seen
    now for about two weeks.
    Where have they gone?
    WEdo have a cat visiting,
    but not very often.
  • I have noticed a grey squirrel in the wood next to our garden making a noise lately - it doesn't sound like the one on the link to the internet and I thought it was a bird till I looked up and noticed the squirrel making the noise and his little tail quivering in time to the call. Ours sounds annoyed and since I have just picked up some cob nuts and found every one is bad inside perhaps he is cross!
  • I love singing squirrels! There are some in Preston, Lancashire. They sit high up in the trees and sing very loudly indeed!
  • I heard this who who who sound and when I saw the culprit, I was shocked to see an outstretched squirrel making this noise. It sounds like a monkey or owl. I just heard it and told my wife that it was a squirrel she says I'm nuts that it's a pigeon. Absolutely not. I wish I had recorded it because I can not find this sound to be true any where on the Internet.
  • Reply to JT. You need to get out there and record your local squirrel song for posterity.
  • I have found a very effective way to discourage squirrels from raiding bird feeders. We tried painting vegetable oil onto the metal poles beneathe the feeders. The unsuspecting little chaps run up the pole, grasp hold & slide down, almost as quickly as they jump up. Not only effective but amusing. What larks!
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