Raspberries; alive or dead?

I've a number of raspberry canes in my garden; all replatively new (less than a year old)  I know I won't get much if indeed any fruit this year (though I do have some)Some of the cane are doing really well & growing vigorously but some are still just twigs. Is there a way I can find out if they're still alive? I'm reluctant to snip any off the tip just in case (though I have done in the past) I don't want to snip anymore off! Is there another way to find out if they're still alive or is it a case of just leave them & wait & see! Thanks 


  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 675

    You could try scratching away a piece of bark with your fingernail to see whether there's any green underneath it. But I don't think snipping will do any harm anyway.

    I think it's likely that anything brown and twiggy is not going to grow now, so what I'd do myself is cut the dead-looking canes down to theground. If the only thing they're attached to is an equally dead bit of root, I'd take the whole thing out, but if there are other live canes nearby, don't disturb them. The good canes will soon put out suckers and provide you wilth more new canes for next year.

  • Great! That's what I wanted to hear image I was reluctant to buy new canes if healthy plants will produce suckers. I'll investigate further next time I'm in the garden! 

  • Raspberry plants (unless they're autumn raspberries) produce new canes each year, then fruit on those canes the next year. The following year, canes that have fruited will remain as dead brown sticks, unless you cut them out. A good guide to looking after raspberries can be found here http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Grow-Your-Own/Fruit-A-to-Z/Raspberries

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