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whats happening my turnips

Hi all,

         I am having alot of trouble with my turnips this year and was hoping if anybody can enlighten me as to what the problem might be.Basically I sow two varieties each year namely swede and goldenball.Had them sowed and thinned out as usual this year and then virtually overnight the goldenballs leaves just shrivelled up and died.The swedes unaffected.I thought perhaps as they are directly beside my potatoes that they might have been affected by blight spray ( I use Dithane which shouldnt harm plants but in fact should encourage leaf growth)Anyway I resowed my goldenball variety and they thrived again for a few weeks and again in the space of 48 hours the leaves turned yellow shrivelled up and died.I gave seeds to a neighbour and the same thing happened to him, so the soil is not my problem.I returned to the shop where I purchased the seeds, which are well in date, and they said they had no other complaints about the seeds and could not explain what might have happened and offered me some more which I politely refused as I think it would be a waste of time.

I would be grateful if anybody could throw some light on this problem for me.

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