Pyracantha no flowers


I bought a pyracantha  two years ago and both years it was lush with flowers followed by fruit. However this year although the plant is healthy and strong, I have no flowers at all!

I haven't pruned it back apart from removing three outward turning branches just to keep the shape.

I did notice the other day a mouse climbing up it. Could that be the culprit?image


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Don't know hoping someone will answer you though because I have one in one of my gardens that doesn't seem to do much. Would like to know why too.

  • chrissieBchrissieB Posts: 772

    where is it planted, it may be that it doesn't get enough sun to flower and this year the weathervmay have compounded the problem?

    Also a feed high in potassium will help encourage flowering (potash). On the positive side it may be that is has concentrated on setting dowtwits roots this last year and will reward you by flowering its socks off next year. If it looks healthy this may well be what it's being doing, I sometimes find that shrubs bought in flower then rest the next year causing me too worry only to restart the next.

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