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Daffodils are sprouting too early!



  • That's cool but I swear they pop up earlier each year has anyone else noticed image
  • Ryan - Did you see the national weather forecast tonight, there was a huge swathe of daffs in full bloom.  Crazy weather - Verdun is right, the ones I have in pots are always up first, those in the ground are always quite a bit later.

    And Verdun - it's Christmas every year - you're missing out. image

  • Verdun, you're right. I  am having a laugh, because you're four times older than you think, and I've had loads more presents than you.   


  • Funny
  • Verdun - Now go back to your room and cwtch down quietly, otherwise you'll have to have another injection.......and you know how big the needle is.......image

    Daddy was just kidding. image

  • yes - you may well look ashamed! image

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