i have taken some fushia and hibiscus cuttings a while ago and now they have rooted they are 4 to 5 inches tall and root system is quite large they were taken from my hardy fushia.. now what do i do with the cuttings so they stay well through winter as my coldframe/greenhouse isnt heated and am now banned from putting any plants on the windowsills (got a bit extreme lol) any help will be apprecicated as my hardy fushias dont get any special care through winter and put a lovely display on eaxh year i live in south east england thank u


  • I will be interested to hear what those who know say. I would have thought that if you plant them out now then they will be big enough to survive winter.

  • well thank you for that very useful and wil give it a go and see how things go will the foilage still die down? 

  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 394

    I trim mine back by a third in october and strip all the leaves and flowers,they then start regrowing before the winter. If you can keep them above 5 degrees they will continue to grow and you can start pinching out.This is what you can achieve.



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