please ID this plant??

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Found this really bright yellow flower jz pop up from the wall this year with the heat. think it might be a weed for someone else but i really like the sun-shine colour & would like to po it in my newly start wild flower corner.

Please advise if it's possible to be propogated?

Thank you


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    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    Looks like a St Jonns Wort to me (Hypericum) but I don't know which one. An internet search should tell you more try google images. Be aware some of them can be invasive by spreading or self seeding.

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    I agree, it's a hypericum. It will probably propagate (spread) itself.

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    I agree with Alan. Its a perfect plant for a wild flower garden and will happily seed itself all over the place.

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    It can become a pernicious weed if left to its own devices.  There are 'tame' varieties, a small rock garden on which is well behaved, and a taller one whoch stays in a small clump.  The most invasive is an old one which was called 'rose of sharon', and it really is a pain to get rid of once established.  We moved here 16 years ago, and the garden was full of this hyoericum and red hot pokers.  The pokers went in one removal day, but they hypericum is still trying to re-establish itself - and often nearly succeeds if I am away or cannot get outside for a week or two!   It can look great in huge swathes in very large places or public gardens, but has o place in modern small spaces. 

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    thank you all for great advice!!!

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