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Quite a few question for experianced gardenerssss


#1 Have a 2years old bushy rasberry tree doing very well last year with big healthy fruit but didnt really prune it neatly early this year due to the cold weather. So it went a bit messy with old wood & new shoot coming thru at the same time, & i realise the fruits are half a size than the year before. Also most of the fruit have been attacted by hthe rasberry beetle,which i think someone hav posted a threat bout it too. So shld i cut down all shoot after the fruitting season this year & spray the chemical which recommended? Is the fruit gonna be OK to eat as i jz blend them all in milkshake after try to take off the yucky part. I hope i didnt drank lots of larvea in my tummy thru the whole summer

#2 attached is a pic of my not green at all rosemary plant brought from shop. think it gets to this stage due to water logging when it stay indoor during the winter-spring. Althought it been standing out for almost a mth now with blasted sunshine there's no new grow show. the dry leaves smells good still thou,jz like the shop brought dry herbs. So please anyone know how do i get some green back & keep it grow?



#3 Love my lavender path growing strong for the 3rd year. But some of them gone a bit leggy specially after watering. As they're grown as a long path along so didnt really have support to each other,or not bushy enough yet to support each other. Please may I have some advise to avoid this happen again next year summer. Will cut them down to the wood this year for a more bushy grow next year but need them to stand straight looking good if possible?




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    The rosemary is dead.image

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    Yes it is but to make sure - for your own confirmation - with your finger nail scratch off a small section of the skin/bark - if this plant or any other for that matter -  is alive you will see green if not brown dead tissue.

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    Lavender question - lavender can get woody after a few years and often needs replacing if this happens. You need to prune well after flowering or in late spring in order to maintain shape and size. Prune back quite hard but do not prune back past obvious growth as the plant may not recover.

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