HELP ! Evergreen Complete help needed.

Hi All,

First of all, I am a complete novice to grass and gardening. Moved into a new house and it had a fair amount of daisies and weeds, so I brought evergreen 4 in 1 and applied it to front and back garden.

Unfortuanetly I think I have applied too much, so I applied it Tuesday last week in daytime, then watered 2 days later on Thursday evening, I have since watered on Sunday. It will be 7 days tomorrow since first applied and there are a lot of black patches which look burnt, there is also a lot of powder sitting on top of various weeds and patches on the grass, I would have thought this would have washed away with watering, but no luck after 2 waters, I will also be watering again tonight. 

I'm scared to let my young daughter play in the garden as not sure if safe, it says keep kids and pets off until watered in, but as I say I think I hae applied miles too much, hence why burnt and not going away! 

Any advice appreciated.



  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    It says any blackening of the grass is temporary.

    Does any of info in the link, ease your mind ?!?!

  • Gareth99Gareth99 Posts: 38

    Hi Dan,

    Sounds like its working a treat. The black patches will remain for a while (perhaps a month) then gradually give way to new grass. I did my front lawn about 2 months ago and it's now looking much better. Keep watering and be patient. You'll be amazed how quickly the existing grass grows when it kicks in. Very lush and green.

    It's one of those things that looks much worse before it looks better. 


  • Kazza54Kazza54 Posts: 3
    Hi I.m a newbie to the forum and very green about gardening (excuse the pun !! ) not sure how to put a question to the forum even so here goes nothing .... I was given a cutting 2 years ago and told it was a lilac tree . I potted it in a huge container and it has grown 10 foot however the leaves are tiny compared to a lilac tree and leaf edges are very slightly serrated - at the end of each branch are a pair of what looks like tiny green acornlike fruits.? about 3 cm long ? I am totally flummoxed as to what this tree cutting is and I showed a picture to the person who gave it to me and she's as confused as me - it is deciduous and looks healthy but remains a mystery !! Has anyone got a clue from my description ?
  • Kazza54Kazza54 Posts: 3
    Thanks Sara 4 just found the new thread button and I'll try to send piccy now ! Thanks for the help Kazza54
  • Dan_S2Dan_S2 Posts: 5

    Thanks for the responses guys, thought I was supposed to get email notifications when someone responds!

    Appreciate all the feedback, will keep watering heavily. Do you think its ok to go on the grass and let the kids play. Been watered several times since putting on now.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,692

    Hi Dan. Don't wory - the email thing isn't working very well so you're better just following the threads you've posted on image

    Grass will probably be fine but just be aware that the more it's used the longer it'll take to recover! It's always tricky at this time of year because of lack of rain - we're even having problems up here in Scotland as it's been unusually dry  - but you can give the grass a bit of a boost later on in the year again anyway, and then next spring. It's grass - it recovers!image

  • Dan_S2Dan_S2 Posts: 5


    Am I right in saying it would be a bad idea to put a 6 man tent on the grass, whilst the evergreen complete is working its magic, my partner has suggested some guests we have staying over on Saturday night could sleep there for a family gathering. 

    I don't want to do this if its going to damage grass or prevent growth etc. 

    Appreicate any feedback.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,692

    Dan- it's grass - it'll recover! I thinkit's easy to get a bit precious about grass, but it's there to be used - so just go for it! Unless you're trying to cultivate a bowling green I wouldn't worry too much. Enjoy it - and the good weather while it's there - first bit of rain and it'll come back to life anyway, and as I said - you can always give it some more tlc later in the year! image

  • Dan_S2Dan_S2 Posts: 5

    Thanks Fairygirl, you're right, it is just grass, we had the tent up and all is well, grass is actually looking a lot better, however I stll have some patches which have no grass and are rather black and burnt, I suspect this is where I have applied too much, anything I can do on here? 

  • Dan_S2Dan_S2 Posts: 5

    Thanks Verdun.


    When you say resow. Is that with evegreen complete? Or just a grass seed. Sorry am new to this game! image

  • FarmergeddunFarmergeddun Posts: 229

    With grass seed.  If there are any bare patches (where the moss has turned black) do as Verdun suggested so that weeds don't have a chance to establish.  I would rake out the black (burnt) patches first.  


  • sokathsokath Posts: 2

    Hi everyone, my problem is I have some old packs of EVERGREEN complete soluble. its in double packs sachet A+B, sachet A contains all kinds of everything and sachet B contains ferrous sulphate, the directions for use are on the carton, which of course I no longer have.Anybody know what I should Be mixing, in what quantities of water?

                              Here`s  hoping!


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 2,511

    Best bin them. Chemicals do not store well for any length of time especially if not kept in ideal conditions.

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,846

    And they should be disposed of safely and legally 

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • sokathsokath Posts: 2

    OK  thank you, would be better than poisoning  the garden, will do.

  • Is it possible to buy spare sachets of Evergreen Complete as i have 2 Black sachets and no white sachets.

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