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Sweet Peas advice - Deformed Growing Tips problem

Please can anyone identify what could be wrong with my sweet peas? All the growing tips are deformed, the tendrils are either stunted or floppy, and the leaves are all shrivelled up.

I keep the plants very well watered, and only see the odd aphid. I made the mistake of planting them in clumps, so the root systems could be overcrowded.

Does anyone recognise the problem atall ? Thanks







  • Hello, Just came across your sweet pea problem since 2013. Can you please relay the suggestions given, and did they work?
  • There were no suggestions given, they would appear below the photo. Perhaps it was a duplicate post, happens sometimes,  people always try to answer otherwise.
    Do you currently have a problem with your own sweetpeas? Most of us are only just thinking about planting some!
  • It was caused by adding too much fertiliser to the soil.
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