Bottle Brush

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Is there more than one type of Bottle Brush Plant, I took a piece of mine to the garden centre who identified it as a bottlebrush, having lived in Australia with hundreds of bottlebrushes, mine is nothing like the ones I saw there. Its more like a a coarse grass with stems covered in thin pointed leaves, there is some red at the end of each branch but no flowers.


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    Can you put a picture on Sizeyuk1?

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    The bottle brush plant usually grown in UK is Callistemon citrinus. The flowers are red tufts on the end of the stems. If you google it you may be able to match it to your plant. Most other bottlebrush plants are not as hardy, so not usually grown here.

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    Thanks for your reply, but I am certain its  not Callistemon Citrinus, the leaves are much slimmer and pointed, I will take a photograph and put it on GW.

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