Cabbagey Plant ID pls?

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This appeared last year. It just got bigger and bigger with no flower so we cut it out but it's back!


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    Looks like a foxglove to me but may also be a verbascum - both tend to appear in random locations due to having tiny seeds which blow about in the wind.  Verbascums are quite late flowering compared to foxgloves so I'd leave it a while.  The wild verbascum is Verbascum thapsus aka Great Mullein and has yellow flowers on a tall spike.

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    looks like comfrey.both foxglove and verbascum are bienniel and if hacked back usually die. Comfrey has a deep taproot and can be cut down 6 times a year and will still surface next year.

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    Think you're right fidget. MrsDins make sure you get all the root out or it will grow again.

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    Ooh ok thanksimage

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    If it's comfrey it is good for the compost.  Do not be too quick to kill it!

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