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can anyone explain nice and simple How do you copy a web address onto the site if im trying to give someone help iv got off the net, when i use one from someone else here on site when i press on it ,it connects direct ,how do you do it Please Alan4711


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    Hi Alan, you go to the bar at the top of the screen where the web address is displayed, highlight the web address (not sure if its one mouse click or two) then right click and then click 'copy' in the list that appears when you right click.  Then go to the GW box where you type your message and then right click somewhere in that box and select 'paste'.  That should put the link in your message.  I'm assuming you are using a PC and not something like an Ipad?  I'm using an ipad so typing this from memory, hope it works for you.

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    If you are using a laptop then you can click Control and the letter c together for copy and control and v together for paste. So you go to the bar right at the top, mine's on the left, and put the cursor (little arrow) at the end of the web address, click and it should go blue (well, mine does) then hold Control and c together, click. Then when you are where you want it copied hold Control and v together and click and it should appear.

    Or you can do what Paula suggests.

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    cheers for that many thanks Alan
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