curling leaves

My blackcurrant has started to have leaf problems, some of the new top leaves are curling over and looking deformed, I have searched for bugs but nothing that the eye can see, the plant itself is in its first year of growth and is doing really well otherwise. I wanted to take cuttings  for more plants for next year but not sure if I should now !  Its in full sun most of the day and thought this could be a factor yet no leaves are brown and all my other potted plants are doing great, Help pleaseimage


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,499

    Aphids usually cause this.  It's possible that they have now been eaten by predators but the damage they caused will remain of course.

    Edit: I'd go ahead and take cuttings - just snip the ends off which will help them start as bushy new plants anyway.

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  • joulesjoules Posts: 12

    That makes sense as my Dhalias had a few which i sprayed off with water and are fine now, best to take cuttings from the healthy branches then, thankyou Bob image

    cool, cant wait until they friut next year, its my first time growing blackcurrants so have been a little apprehensive, like a mother with a new baby lol image

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