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Hot weather, water butts running out, ericaceous plants

Although I've been trying to conserve them, my water butts are running low and the Independent today said this weather will last for weeks.

I own one camellia in a pot, and two azaleas in the ground which need rain water.  Any tips or tricks to reduce the alkaline content of tap water?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,279

    any water is better than no water.

    Acidifying agents include vinegar and lemon juice or citric acid.. Or you could use something like a miracle grow feed for azaleas and rhodos, which will be acid after mixing it with tap water.

  • Ive had to top my water butts up using the hose, then leave it for a couple days to distill a bit.

    as fidgetbone say's tap water is better than none.

  • Though i should say im not on a water meter. image 

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