Honeysuckle - white powder on leaves

Hi all im a novice garderner,


i have small roof terrace, with honeysuckle growing in a trough up a trellis, everything seemed to be going fine, then I started to notice white powder on the leaves and some of them are beginning to fall off.


is this a fungus and is it treatable?


thanks in advance!    


  • BerghillBerghill Posts: 2,807

    Mildew, a symptom of drough at the roots. Water well and use a Fungicide spray. Remove any fallen leaves.

  • Pat DissPat Diss Posts: 2

    sounds like powdery mildew, remove the fallen leaves from around the plant  to remove the spores and spray with a fungacide..

  • chrissieBchrissieB Posts: 772

    If you don't want to spray just tidy up the old leaves and water well. it will also be worth trying to improve the soils ability for water retention and making sure that the plant is fed so that it is healthy and able to resist infection. Am guessing its in a pot if you are on a roof terrace. It may be worth you investigating the various water retaining gels that are available  and mixing some into the compost. Also a mulch on top of the soil to help prevent evaporation will help - fine gravel will work well and looks tidy. Ithe mildew looks unsightly but if you look after the plant it won't dramatically affect its health.


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