hi can someone please help me i have some gladioli in my garden for about two years with out any problems alway came back every year and flower really good.

but this year my poor gladioli have come up grew two about 2 foot good folage on them and really big flower pods. they seem to be atacked over night i could die my poor gladioli. the leaves had black sticky worm casts type stuff on them five days latter the leave fell off and the bud have now got holes in them. the buds have opened and are full size but with holes.

please help sobbing gardenerimage



  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Hi Anthony. Any sign of caterpillars? That would account for worm cast like droppings. Not come across anything in particular that attacks glad flowers so am just guessing here.

  • hi addict, i did not see any on there  at all . the holes in the flowers was just the outside yellow skin the flowers are un damaged image

    next year i will spray them as well as useeing slug pelettes.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,716

    Don't see the point in spraying unless you know what you're trying to kill - and as the flowers are undamaged do you really need to?


    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
  • update pics of my gladis



     as you can see on the second pic how the leaves went

  • Weird... I would have sworn those were Lillies, not Glads image

  • macavitythecat  you well mite be right got at asdas hand wrote label lol.

    still nice flowers image

  • Pottie PamPottie Pam Posts: 887

    I agree with the Cat.

    They've probably been attacked by the dreaded lily beetle. I think the lava cover themselves with their own poo which will look like worm casts. 

  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    yes..definately lillies..the sticky things on it are the lilly beetle lavae..yuck..I attacked mine yesterday...pair of scissors with bowl underneath & cut leaves with offenders on ..then boiling water over them..yep..I dont want them..drained & put in bin.. any others then put gloves on ..inside that black mass is the grubs..

    So if you see bright red beetle on them..put a hand underneath because as soon as u touch them the blighters drop off somewhere..catch it & squish it..good luck..image

  • hi all thankyou for all the replys

    do lillie beetle lavae die  at winter or do they sleep in the bulb at there a spray i could use to get rid.Also will my lillies be ok next year or do i need to bin them.

    may thanksimage

  • PageyPagey Posts: 9

    The only way to get rid of lily beetle is by squishing them. A good tip - we use a light coloured little stone mulch, that way when the beetles fall, you can still see them (when one falls, they all fall). Snip off any leaves that are going see through (look underneath and look for the black poo, inside is an orange nymph - squish it. They'll live in the soil during winter. The best advice is kill em, kill em oh and kill em. (squish them between to trowels if you're squeemish). If everyone did this, we might be able to remove the unwanted beetle from the UK.

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