nettle fertiliser mix

I have followed Monty Don's receipe for making fertiliser from nettles.I filled a bucket with stingers and water, about three weeks ago.How do I use the liquid, as I assume it will be too strong to use neat.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,713

    Hi Julie - Think most of these feeds are usually diluted by about ten to one, so a cupful of brew to ten cups of water. That's certainly the case with comfrey and I expect it would be a similar ratio.image

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    Hi Julie your feed is a dilute of about 10 to 1 as Fairy says nettles and comfrey are good for roots,stems and leaf growing but lacks Phosphorous if your growing flowers or fruit, loads of help on the net

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    Julie this is a good read short and easy

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