Raised Beds - green manure or plant quick crop?

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Today i harvested all my sugar snaps, beetroot and shallots and i have about 50% of my raised bed empty.  I noticed in a couple of the garden mags, mention of green manure.

I dont know anything about it and wondered if there is one type that is better than another, be it price, speed, quality of results for next year etc.

So could anyone give me some advice on what i should be looking to plant, i intend to do the whole raised bed eventually, should i do the free space now or plant some quick growing salad for now and then do the green manure once everything is out?



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    It's entirely up to you really. As I understand it different green manures are supposed to be good for improving different aspects of your soil (most will fix nitrogen in the soil for example). I used buckwheat at the end of last summer to supress weeds and improve the soil, hopefully it did but as I'd never grown anything else there I can't be 100% sure, it did keep the weeds down though. On the other hand, as you say, you could get another quick cropping salad veg in and then use green manure in late summer, best of both worlds.

    Most garden centres worth their salt stock the seeds these days.

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    I've never tried green manures because some of them are essentially weeds (clover) that are difficult to eradicate without a lot of digging. Some like corn salad, borage or peas are OK but they take a lot of time to grow, need a period of rest between digging in and planting the next crop and occupy your nice raised bed when you could be achieving the same type of compost with a compost heap or bin and have something more pretty/useful in the rased bed.


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    Forgot to add the RHS have a good summary of what each manure is useful for.



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