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Mitox 251c Strimmer cutting out

My strimmer starts fine but on fully pressing the 'lever' (can't think what it's called) it cuts out...thought it might be the air filter but it looks clean enough...any ideas?


  • Stuart4Stuart4 Posts: 1

    Nip it back to your supplier and they should sort it out in a jiffy. I had the same problem with a Mitox multi-tool, I think it's the carburetor - a quick adjustment and it should be fine.

  • almac7almac7 Posts: 4

    Thanks for that Stuart.

  • Billy GoatBilly Goat Posts: 51

    Sounds like the carburetor to me too.  There is normally a screw you can adjust, but be careful just turn it 1/4  and remeber your starting point

  • almac7almac7 Posts: 4

    Finally got round to putting it in to the place I bought it from, which was just over a year ago, thinking it would just be an adjustment required and the guy phoned me this morning to tell me I need a new carburettor which will cost £40. Is this normal for such a new machine or am I being ripped off? I agreed to him putting a new one on but would be interested in your thoughts before I collect it tomorrow.

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,228

    Should't need a new carb after a year. It is usually only a diaphragm within the carb which goes and only costs a few quid. You can buy a complete overhaul kit for about a fiver. All you need is the make and model number of the carb which will be marked on it.

  • almac7almac7 Posts: 4

    Collected my strimmer today, charged £64 including labour. Paid my bill but let them know I was unconvinced it needed a new carburettor. Having only used it about 8 times, I am sure it didn't. However, this business has ensured that I will never spend a penny with them ever again.

  • Similar  problems with Mitox multitool  just out of warrantee and similar worries , The dealer was helpful and tweaked the carb explaining the modern fuel swells the rubber parts therein . But another season in ands the fault is here again .( It's only used a couple of days a year)  This time it won't adust and I fear its a new carb or at very least a full gasket set .   Overall the unit would appear to be of reasonable design and quality , but having lived with it for some time  there are issues. I believe the majority of problems are caused by poor materials  the rubber (elastomers) used in the fuel system are not up to spec and they appear to degrade with UK fuel. The tank grommet is deteriorating and fuel is now leaking .Other plastic parts on the machine have 'crept'  I'm on my third starter pull and its already stiffening up after just six months . The steel used for the recoil spring failed and snapped Just out of warrantee. I have seen all these problems  a lot on far eastern equipment  . They have developed their manufacturing processes but their material science isn't their as yet , to use imported European steels and branded 'DuPont' would add cost to the product, so generic polymers are being used .Mitox are a lot better than some of their other far eastern counterparts but If  are to be recognised as a true quality brand I would suggest their material procurement still requires further addressing.

  • The same with my Mitox Multi. Just out of warranty and issues with the carb. These products are overpriced from my dealer and they fail just like the cheap units. Mitox will not have my custom again and unless they do some serious quality control they'll lose a lot more of their customers. It would be a nice touch if they extended the warranty to cover these carb problems but I've seen pigs fly before!!

  • I have a mitox 1845 chainsaw,  over many years I have used Jonsereds, never had a problem, this Mitox is a total waste of money, it has been used for very light work only three times in two years, "will it run?"  Not a chance, with the cover off and the air filter off thumb in the mouth of the carb it revs,....... then dies.    No matter what I do the thing is awful. image


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