Grape Vine problem


I hope someone can help me. Last week at the start of the nice weather I decided to do some routine gardening. Over the past few months I have been wanting to move my grape vine to my back wall due to the current lack of support at its current location. I made room on the back wall and trained it up the reed backing. I dug all the roots I could see up with it. I planted it in a big enough hole and gave it a good water through the week. The same evening it started to wilt, now a week on, leaves have turned brown and are looking limp. I now realise I was stupid to move it in the heat. Have i killed it? What should I do? Please someone help, its 5 year old and I really like it.

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  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,221

    I don't blame it for having a good sulk. Go out there and apologise to it immediately, give it a good drink of water whenever you are passing by and prayimage

  • Craig3558Craig3558 Posts: 2

    Should I prune the dead leaves or leave it and just water it? Should I use tomato feed? 

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,221

    I'd trim off anything that is definitely dead i.e. shrivelled,crispy and brown, as it will only  harbour disease and problems for the future. I'd just water it. You can feed it when it shows signs of speaking to you again!

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