Non- flowering Acanthus Mollis


My mother has had Acanthus Mollis for nearly ten years and it has never flowered. We think her soil is Alkaline although I read that A. Mollis is happy in any soil. Does it just need lots of Potassium? Tomato food?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,652

    They are best treated mean as they flower best in poor soils.   While we were looking for this house we rented one and neighbours had 3 fine specimens growing in gravelly soil at the foot of a brick gate post.  They flowered their socks off every year and were stunning so I planted 3 when we started this garden.

    I have extremely fertile loam soil and only ever get lush, healthy foliage.

    We've just got back from hols in the Charente region of France where we saw masses of them in roadside verges in villages and at the foot of garden walls - full sun, well drained, alkaline gravelly soil, not a lot of food or water and flowering magnificently.

    This autumn I will move mine to the one bit of poor soil I have, right on the edge of the road, well drained and in full sun.    Fingers crossed for flowers next year.

    The Vendée, France
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    I have a well established Acanthus which has flowered for the last two or three years.  This year it started vigorously but in the last couple of months the leaves have yellowed and it has flopped to the ground.  Does anyone know why this might have happened and how to help it recover.  It is in a fairly sunny site.

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    I've had some of this for years and only occasionally has it excelled itself.

    Some years it doesn't flower at all, sometimes the leaves look really good but then get mildewed. This year it had lovely leaves and loads of flowers but, probably due to all the wet, went up much taller than usual and looks very naked. Now the leaves are flopping and going yellow in the sun.

    I don't know why I keep itimage

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