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Summer Bulbs

Hi, I planted 200 bulbs in April. Everyone has grown strong leaves, but not one has flowered! They were bought from a leading, well-known company and planted to the letter as instructed. What is the problem??


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    Hi, Wendy.

    It would help to know which bulbs you planted.  

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    Gladioli aren't yet ready to flower, I'm no expert but the one's I grow won't flower until September time. If you have good strong growth there is nothing to worry about, mine are growing well but there isn't hint of a flower stem yet.

  • Thank you for that. Unfortunately, i have thrown the packaging , there were freesias, gladioli and iris and lots of other smaller bulbs. just find it hard to believe that not one has any flowers at all!


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    From your list I only grow gladioli, sorry can't be of more help.

    Most of the bulbs I grow are spring flowering and ideally should be planted in the autumn, with the exception of lilies and some aliums which I grow and these are potted up in March.

    You've possibly planted them to late,and also some bulbs won't flower if not planted at the correct depth, I'm no expert though another poster maybe more helpful.

    The summers not over yet and they may still flowerimage

  • Thank u for your thoughts. I meticulously planted them, to the point of using a ruler! Ha ha ha! Info said to plant betweeb march and may and i did, in april!!! I will wait and see what happens!


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