pear tree problem

Hi, , my brother has two pear trees and they have got yellow spots on them,  but  fruit this year, he has  apple trees but they dont have a problem, can u tell me what the problem is and how it can be rectified please, pears have been beautiful in other years, help please:


  • trishartrishar Posts: 6

    sorry ment to say NO FRUIT THIS YEAR ON HIS PEAR TREE

  • Lack of fruit may be down to the weather. Our trees were in blossom just when it turned cold and windy so there were very few pollinating insects out and about. I tried the feather duster trick and do have some fruit on pears, apples and cherries. Keep an eye on the yellow spots as they could turn into a raised blister. If they do you should remove them before they fall burn or bin them don't compost them.

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