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Hi all, I only took up gardening or 'growing my own' three years ago next spring. I've been growing everything in pots during this time, including my fruit trees. (Apple, plum, pear and cherry). We are moving soon to a house with a great garden and I want to transfers my fruit trees to the ground. They are coming up to being three years old. They were just sticks when I got them. The apples and pear fruited this year but still to get fruit off the cherry and plum. I was wondering if there is a time of year I should transfers them? When we move they will be fleeced. Should I wait until spring or do it during winter? Thanks so much. Emma


  • I've got myself confused. They may be coming up to four years old.
  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Now is one of the best times to plant Misselong. The ground although wet is still relatively warm. However the weather will turn come January. So if you aren't moved yet I'd wait a while.

  • Thank you both. We won't be moving until mid/end of January.
  • I have grown from cuttings two apple trees and a cherry,this is their second year and have flowered but the fruit was very little as the trees need to grow a bit more .if you are thinking of buying a tree get a bare root tree and plant about now or january,they are better and cheaper.

  • a bit of advice, dig the hole you put them in to be square, that way if the roots are circling in the pot currently they wont keep circling they'll find a corner and strike outwards. it makes for much stronger trees,

    also depending on the root stock they only need to be staked for a couple of years, then the stakes can be removed.

    I was putting fruit trees in on the N York Moors last week in a howling gale and torrential rain, so as long as you're nowhere worse yours will do fine!

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Regarding gales: I planted three two-year-old fruits just before the first named storm this winter. They are staked at about one third to one half of the trunk height and they seem happy, but could there be any long term effects from the high winds? Even a stake won't prevent all movement in a gale.

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Thanks, Verdun! I feel responsible for those trees...

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