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Talkback: Make a green roof for your bird table

loe this site so easy to understand thnk you crystal 2010


  • I love the idea as I have wanted to do something with the roof of my bird table for a long time. However, where do you find the water retentive matting and sedum matting, and can you just buy enough to fit a bird table or would I have to order a huge amount which would go to waste.
    Alternatively, could I use some other materials that would do the job just as well? I have some sedums in a pot, so could I make my own matting in some way?
  • What a great idea for my bird table, i may also modify this to give my lawn feeder a roof to keep the bird food dry. Many thanks for this idea.
  • Where can i get these sedum matts in scotland as all places i have found on the net cost a fortune to deliver and am not too keen on paying through the nose for such a small peice of sedum matting!!?? can any1 help me?? thanx
  • Looks more as 30 degrees to me.
  • having problem finding the sedum mats that dont come attatched to a shed or building
  • Only just joined but liking most of the ideas I have seen, thanks :)
  • Like the idea so am going to build one at work for our young adults to watch the birds feed , but would the same idea work on my bike shed for birds to feed from ??

    ps have only just joined this site and is full off so many good ideas for wild life as well as for growing food etc well done.

  • Who can tell me where I can buy the sedum matting from? I have looked everywhere and the smallest piece is 1 x 1 metre priced at £74.00! I don't think so!

    How about growing my own in the polly tunnel, how easy/difficult is this and what do i need to grow the seeds on?

  • How heavy is this roof would a bird table take the weight when the sedum was full of water?
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