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Talkback: New plants for 2009

Roy, I've found seed available in the Plants of Distinction catalogue, so do send off for a copy. Searching online I've found plants being offered by both Suttons Seeds and Dobies Seeds, but there may be others.


  • Hi there,
    l have two African Violets and they seem to have got too big for their pots.
    As l have never had african violets that have lasted this long l am not sure what to do next.Can l repot them carefully into bigger pots and how safe is it to subdivide the plants as there seem to be two plants in each pot.
  • Why is it that in anything relating to growing plants from seeds, it rarely says how long it will take to flower. For instance, I've grown cercis silaquestrum from seed (5 years ago) and am told I will probably have to wait another 10 years before it flowers, yet halesia flowered 4 years from seed. Is there a book that might advise, does anyone know please?
  • Adam, I know exactly what you mean, I was trying to get an orchard into a courtyard with the T&M fruit catalogue, I've not even started the main seed one yet! Luckily I have a friend who is as bad as me in buying loads of seeds and so we have regular swap sessions to try out new seeds and swap seedlings and plants too...
    good luck with the editing!
  • Is it possible to grow mistletoe from the berries on my bought spray? If so, can you give me any advice on how to do it?
  • do you have any suggestions on what to combine this plant with in a bed setting that will work well in florida, usa?
  • how do you get seed off the plant its self? and does it spread?
    thanks for any info
  • I purchased 3 "Joey" plants last spring. They are now drying out. Where are the seeds? Do you plant each little piece or is there an actual seed?
  • can you tell me where to buy joey plants or seeds
    thank you
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