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Taking Wild Honeysuckle Cuutings

There is a most beautiful and highly scented wild honeysuckle in a hedgerow near me. In May of this year I followed each and all of the techniques shown on the internet on how to take cuttings. All of the demonstrations and instructions, including some by young people, indicated how successful and easy it was. I closely followed each and all of the methods shown. They included taking both one or two node sections from the ends of young vine tips that had not flowered, with and without using hormone powders, and in either compost or water. With the compost they were sealed within plastic containers without being too damp. In water it was changed every few days to keep it oxygenated. The result was ONE successfully rooted out of more than 50. I've gardened for 70 years. I've taken endless cuttings of most plants quite successfully. So please advise me. At 79 I'm running out of time. Kind regards, Mike Darlington.. 


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    Hi Mike. Right now I'd try hardwood cuttings in the ground outside. If there are berries, sow them, honeysuckle grows easily from seed.

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  • I find that honeysuckle layers very successfully in the spring, with a good root system forming within a few months.   image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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