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Winca - how can i get rid of it?

This plant is pretty in small doses but its covering the large garden we have just acquired.  Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it without damaging the odd rose or shrub that is growing in its midst please?


  • Every so often it'll throw out long arching stems which root where they touch the ground.  If you keep a watch out for them and cut them back at the base that'll keep it from spreading any further. 

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    I have had this problem. Don't know where the Vinca came from, I never planted it, but it tried to take over. I dug a lot out, but it wasn't as easy in my clay soil as Verdun says, the roots clung fast!

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  • Thanks everyone, seems like digging is the only answer - but its such a big area it will take me months!  Thanks to all

  • Thanks, I feel inspired to try now.  Sorry I never corrected the typo - V not W!  Think I was too overwhelmed by finding it throughout the 1.3 acres to care about the spelling but everyone was too polite to mention it!  On Monday I will start again at one end and keep on digging, weather permitting.  

  • Ha - you have all helped, thanks.

  • We had a terrific VW Campervan, loved it dearly.  Hope we didn't do too much damage to the planet image



  • digging over is the hardest way, glyphosate probably the easiest way, and if that doesn't work napalm or a tactical nuclear weapon should do the job! image

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