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Wind/sun burn

HelloI have one blueberry and a passonflower in trouble this happened in one day whilst we were out. Both were near a south facing fence and we have had a really drying winds. Both plants are now looking terrible and I'm wondering if I should prune back the dead/brown/crinkled leaves and see if they come back. Weirdly my other 4 blueberrys which are within 2-3 feet are all green and happy and lovely. I have moved them to a shadey corner to give them some rest.

What should I do? do you think it was just the sun and wind?







  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    the first one looks much more than one days sun and wind,   more like a flame thrower

  • joulesjoules Posts: 12

    Cut the top one back and give it a feed, it may come back, worth a shot!

    Second one I would give some TLC.

    I also have south facing and at times can be very unforgiving, all mine are in pots on a balcony, so I put them where they get a bit of shade, closest to the railing, this alone has really improved thingsimage

  • The first picture was a few days later and the plant rapidly turned into the flame thrower look. I have chopped them both to the ground, but as of yet nothing is showing. I will keep them in pots in the corner and see what happens. I have no shade at all in my garden.. thanks for advice

  • Holly010Holly010 Posts: 36

    Keep the blueberry very well watered - perhaps you'll have to wait until next year for proper signs of life.  Passionflowers are usually fairly forgiving.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,018

    I retuned from hols once to find my two blueberries in pots had gone all crispy after inadequate watering by a  neighbour.

    I soaked the pots very thoroughly and then gave a liquid feed of sequestered iron and food for ericaceous plants.   Both recovered but I had to cut out lots of stems taht were too crsipy to revive.  I then dug large holes in my veggie plot, filled them with ericaceous compost and planted them in teh ground so they didn't get the same problem again.  We have hard water and alkaline to neutral soil so they're better off in the ground with rain water.

    Blueberries are woodland edge plants so those in pots won't like a full sun, south facing position as they can get their roots deep down to cool soil.  Move them to somewhere where they don't get midday sun and keep them moist but not drowning.


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