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How do I store the tulip bulbs I have just dug up, ready for re-planting next Autumn?

At my old address I couldn't grow tulips as they were always eaten, but I have tried them in my new garden and they grew very well.


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    Hi Sue. There's sees to be a bit of conflicting advice about tulips, ie  do you lift and store them, leave them in, or treat them as annuals. The main problem seems to be poor performance the following year if you leave them in but a lack of good drainage is a big factor. I've heard that as long as they're planted deeply you'll get a better result and some varieties will be better than others too, but I think it's largely trial and error. Expensive if you like them but need to treat them as annuals isn't it?

    I've had some red ones in a pot for a couple of years but they were stuck in there with something else temporarily. Once I moved in February,  I thought I'd wait for them to finish flowering so that I could sort the pot out but they didn't flower. I've lifted them out and put them in little pots of their own in gritty compost and put them in a sheltered spot so I'll see what happens. I think that's probably the best way to do it if you want to try keeping them year on year. You can even plant them in the ground in pots so that you can just lift them out to put them aside -the aquatic baskets are good for that.

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